Adhisthana Hotel

In July I stayed at Adhisthana - a boutique hotel located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The place is a true gem. I didn't mind that its location is a little further away from the hustle and bustle of central Yogyakarta. 

The hotel did many things right and it's popular with foreign and local tourists. The rooms are simple, functional and tastefully decorated although it's a little bit on the small side. Guests can also relax by the swimming pool and outdoor seating areas. 

There are a few eateries and good cafes in the area. I love Viavia restaurant, which focuses on local, healthy and organic ingredients. You can find Indonesian and international dishes on the menu. Their smoothies and juices are particularly good. Next door you can find their cafe, bakery, and shop which showcases fair trade products made by local artists. 

I wouldn't hesitate to come back. 

 The pool in Adhisthana Hotel.
 Palm tree in a pot inside Adhisthana hotel.
 The outdoor seating area in Adhisthana Hotel.
Yogya 04.jpg
 The interior of Adhisthana Hotel.
 The staircase inside Adhisthana Hotel.
 The interior of Adhisthana Hotel.
Yogya 08.jpg
 Freshly cooked chicken satay with condiments.
 An empty dining table in a hotel restaurant.