Porto has been described as a tale of two cities. Separated by River Douro and linked by the iconic Luis Bridge, you'll find Vila Nova de Gaia on one side of the river, which is famous for its Port wine. While on the other side is Porto's historic centre, which is dominated by the picturesque Ribeira quarter. 

Portugal's second largest city is laid-back, friendly and welcoming. Despite its UNESCO World Heritage Site status, the maze of winding alleyways and cobbled-streets seem to remain unchanged with time. Its location by the Atlantic Ocean makes seafood here a must-try. You can taste fresh daily caught fish. Two of the more popular dishes include grilled sardines and salted cods. 

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Update: Some of the Porto images below have appeared in an article that I wrote for Let's Explore Magazine

 A view of Porto's Luiz Bridge and Ribeira.
 A view towards Church of the Venerable Third Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.
 A facade in Porto.
 The spiral staircase in Mercado do Bolhao.
 The entrance of Casa da Musica.
 Details inside Mercado do Bolhao.
 A view of Casa da Musica.
 Blue tiles outside a Church in Porto.