Rome (Part One)

According to fable Rome was founded by two brothers Romulus and Remus around 753 BC. The city is steeped in history and was once the site of the great Roman empire. Today Rome's melange of old and new coexist harmoniously. The eternal city is rich with breathtaking iconic architecture, haunting monuments and ruins, as well as beautiful art masterpieces. Its narrow and charming alleyways show the modern Roman way of life, tradition and culture. 

 The symbol of Rome.
 Ivy leaves on the wall of Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta.
 The arch near Colosseum.
 A flock of birds flying over Rome.
 The cityscape of Rome.
 Early morning in Capitoline Hill.
 One of the statues on Saint Angelo's bridge.
 Monk coming down the steps at Capitoline Hill.
 Statue in the orange tree garden.
 A Roman water fountain.
 A view of the steps on Capitoline Hill.