How To Improve Photography Without Buying Gear

#1 Show Passion

Passion in photography is paramount if you want people to connect with images that you create. Whenever I photograph, I pour my heart and soul into it and I hope that whoever is viewing my images will feel that emotion running through my images. 

You might do a good job in shooting something for which you are apathetic, however when you shoot something that you love and care about it will show in your image. 

#2 Learn to be observant

The more I learn about the craft the more I learn on being observant. Being able to capture the moment, the detail and anticipate what's about to happen is a skill that you should develop in order to be a better photographer. Part of being observant involves slowing down and absorbing the environment around you. 

#3 Shoot in manual mode

Ever since I learned how to shoot in manual mode I came to love it more and more. Not only it made me a better photographer but I also feel like I am in control. It doesn’t mean I don’t ever use semi-automatic modes – I do use it depending on what I’m shooting. However being able to make a conscious decision about the camera settings is liberating and I’m able to translate the vision that I have in my head much better.

#4 Learn your camera functions

There’s no pressure to learn all the camera controls all at once. The key here is to make sure that you take the time to learn and practice. Then see for yourself what each camera function does and how it makes a difference to the output.

#5 Pick a photo editing tool of your choice

There are a wide range of software choices to pick from to edit and post process your images. However regardless of the photo editing tool that you use, learn to use it effectively so that you can post process your images to get the desired output.