Postcard from Anyer, Indonesia

Last month I spent almost a week in Anyer on the west coast of Java, Indonesia. Anyer beach is a popular tourist destination for Jakartans as it is only about 2 hours' drive. It is also frequented by local tourists from other parts of the country and international tourists. Anyer is also home to the Cikoneng Lighthouse built by the Dutch government to commemorate the local people who perished as a result of the Krakatau eruption in 1885. 

My family and I stayed in a local resort with direct access to Anyer beach. Our bungalow has a terrace which is facing directly to the beach and the vast Sunda Strait. The view from here is truly breathtaking especially during sunset. The sound of the waves would wake me up in the morning and it was fantastic to be so close to nature. My family and I would take a stroll along the beach almost every morning before we had our breakfast. 

 A view towards the sea.
 Rock island at Karang Bolong.
 A view of coconut tree.
 A view towards the lighthouse.
 A view towards the Sunda Strait.
 A swing on Anyer beach.
 Sunset from Anyer beach.
 Sunset over Sunda Strait.

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