Pick Your Own at Crockford Bridge Farm

One of the best things about summer is the abundance of produce bursting with beautiful colours. Early in July I visited Crockford Bridge Farm in Addlestone, Surrey to get some fresh fruits and vegetables. The farm is easily reachable by train and it's only 15-minute walk from the train station. 

The farm is divided into two main sections where you can pick your own crops. At the time that I visited Crockford Bridge Farm, raspberries and blackberries were plenty. The farm also has vegetable crops such as carrots, spinach and broad beans. The main reason people visit the farm is normally to pick your own fruits and vegetables, however if you do not want to pick your own then the farm's shop also stocks a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables picked from the farm. The shop also has its own cafe, a garden centre and an ice cream parlour with outdoor seating areas. So you can easily spend a day here. 

 Signage of Crockford Bridge Farm Shop.
 Entrance to Crockford Bridge Farm.
 A view towards the spinach section.
 Entrance to Crockford Bridge Farm.
 Spinach signage at Crockford Bridge Farm.
 Green area at Crockford Bridge Farm.
 Colourful bunting flags at Crockford Bridge Farm.
 Ice cream parlour outdoor seating area.
 Freshly picked raspberries from the farm.
 Fresh blackberries.
 Freshly picked carrots and red chard from the farm.