Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a city like no other. It’s known for its straggly favelas where pockets of shanty houses co-exist and blend in with the fabric of the city. Before coming here I have my own pre-conceived notions of the city, however once I set foot on this amazing metropolis all of my assumptions went out of the window.

Instead I found myself enjoying the vibrant, dynamic and hospitality of the Cariocas. From Raimundo, the happiest staff member I met when I checked in to my accommodation to Carlos, one of the friendliest and most helpful Cariocas whom I got the privilege to spent an evening with as he passionately told stories of Rio’s past and taught me how to navigate through downtown Rio. A few basic words of the local lingo was indispensable and came in handy when a female Uber driver tried to warn me to stay away from the favelas as she dropped me off at Santa Teresa.

I left Rio with renewed appreciation and positive impression. I will not hesitate to go back there again as there are so many things to see, do and experience. Not to mention the breathtaking and diverse landscape of the city.

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