Petersham Nurseries

Petersham Nurseries is possibly one of the prettiest nurseries I have ever visited so far. It has so much to offer and I would be more than happy to spend a day here. From the moment I entered the nursery I knew I was in for a treat. The shop stocks all kinds of things from vintage furniture, tableware, homeware, stoneware, gardening tools, as well as anything and everything garden-related. There is also a lovely cafe and tea room on site. The garden cafe offers outdoor seating as well as indoor seating inside a glass house. It's the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of London. This peaceful, green and colourful oasis will inspire you and give you the opportunity to connect with nature. 

 One of the prettiest nurseries.
 A view of Petersham Nurseries.
 Summer at Petersham Nurseries.
 Aloe vera in a blue tin pot.
 A view of Petersham Nurseries.
 Colourful tin pots.
 Assorted tableware and homeware for sale.
 Beautiful summer colours in Petersham nurseries shop.
 Assorted ceramic bottles inside Petersham Nurseries shop.
 Vintage furniture at Petersham Nurseries.
 Vintage Seven-Up wooden crates.
 Rose and cabbage vases for sale.
 Dining table with Italian tablewares inside Petersham Nurseries shop.
 Astier tableware collection inside Petersham Nurseries shop.
 The beautiful Petersham Nurseries.
 Vintage furniture and tableware at Petersham Nurseries.
 Restaurant signage.
 A peek into the garden cafe in Petersham Nurseries.
 Cafe in Petersham Nurseries.
 Potted flowers.
 Gardening tools for sale in the garden centre.
 The garden cafe at Petersham Nurseries.