Lisbon is a delight to explore. Its hilly and steep streets beckon me to explore on foot and walk up to its spectacular miradouros (viewpoints) with amazing views of Lisbon and River Targus. The bright yellow trams transport citydwellers and tourists across town - and I can't get enough of them. Whenever I heard one passing by, I turned my head and stopped to watch it go by. 

Another thing that I can't seem to get enough of in Lisbon is the iconic colourful azulejos (ceramic tiles) that are everywhere - floors, bathrooms, bedrooms and these even decorated the exterior of many buildings. I love these tiles so much that I ended up buying a few pieces to take home with me. I highly recommend Cortico & Netos, a tile shop in central Lisbon specialising in discontinued ceramic tiles. 

There are many options for eating. Art, music, design and architecture scenes continue to flourish. Lisbon doesn't disappoint. 

Lisbon 01.jpg
Lisbon 02.jpg
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Lisbon 11.jpg
Lisbon 12.jpg
 The street view in Lisbon.
Lisbon 14.jpg
Lisbon 15.jpg
 A view towards the tram in central Lisbon.