Bondi Beach

The sun kissed the powdery sand and the cerulean-blue waves lapping the shoreline bringing swimmers and surfers as they move through crests and ripples of the salty sea water. The beach is brimming with visitors as Sydneysiders enjoy the glorious summer weather. Lifesafers are always on alert and constantly on the look-out. Sadly Bondi has a tragic past. In 1938 on a clear summer's day an unexpected large swell was hitting the coast. The freak waves claimed five lives and injured dozens of people. 

Bondi Beach is synonymous with beach and surf culture but it is also steeped in history. The local Aboriginal people have a strong connection with the surrounding land for a long time. A leisurely stroll along the coast reveals rock engravings in various spots that clearly provide evidence of the strong bond they have towards the land. 

Spending a morning, an afternoon or even the whole day here is easy and relaxing. For keen walkers Bondi beach makes a good starting point for Bondi to Coogee walk. The 9-kilometre coastal walk goes through six beaches and provides breathtaking sceneries.