A Postcard from the Scottish Highlands (Part One)

My journey started in Glasgow. It was only two days after Christmas - and the Christmas spirit was still high on the air. I was ready to leave the city behind. That morning it was freezing cold yet the sun was shining. I could feel the excitement in my body as I waited for the mini bus that picked me up that morning. 

Martin, our Scottish driver pulled over. A smile on his face as he got off the bus and greeted me. The mini bus was full already with people of different nationalities. For the next three days we would spent time together exploring the highlands. 

We drove past a few Glaswegian landmarks including a statue of the Duke of Wellington with a traffic cone on his head. Before long the landscape changed. We passed vast green fields and mountain ranges started to come into view. Pretty villages. Rivers and lochs with clean water. Hills and valleys. It's one of the many reasons why I love the Scottish landscape. 

We made a couple of stops before arriving in the Glen Coe area towards the later part of the afternoon. It's stunning here. Snow capped mountain peaks. Spruce trees. Wide open roads that stretch for miles. 

Our stop for the night was in a little harbour town on the Isle of Skye called Portree. I arrived at a bed and breakfast which was run by a Yorkshire man and his wife. I was brimming with a smile as I entered the room. The room was so cosy and I felt right at home. As I fell into sleep I could hear the strong wind rattling the window and within seconds I was drifting off... (to be continued).

 A view towards the snow peaks in Glencoe.