A Magazine Made with Love - Let's Explore Magazine

2016 started on a quiet note for me until I received a package in the post... The plain white package was addressed to me and it says 'LEM - Let's Explore Magazine'. A couple of days before I had received an email from the founder/editor of the magazine who told me that a copy of the magazine was on its way to me. 

On the evening of 7th January when I came home I found the white package waiting for me in the mail box. I was ecstatic! Immediately I opened the package and found one of the most beautiful magazines. I held the magazine in my hands. I lifted it up to see the front and back cover then smelled the freshly printed magazine (yes sometimes I like to smell books and magazines!). Then the special moment... on page 20 I saw my travel article about Porto. Seeing some of the images featured on double spread pages... I feel so happy yet privileged to be part of this exciting project from the beginning. I will cherish this magazine for a long time.

A big thank you to Kilian Idsinga - founder and editor of Let's Explore Magazine Publishers

 The front cover of Let's Explore Magazine.
 The pages of Let's Explore Magazine.
 The pages of Let's Explore Magazine.