The Palace of Versailles was the central of France's political power during the Ancien Regime under Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI. It was built to expand the original brick and stone palace of Louis XIII. His son, Louis XIV undertook major transformations when he was in power during the 17th century and subsequently installed the Court and the Seat of Government here in 1682. Louis XIV entrusted two architects, Louis Le Vau and Jules Hardouin-Mansart with the palace's transformation. The palace was embellished during the reigns of Louis XV and XVI and new apartments were developed. 

Versailles is truly sumptuous. Everywhere you look there is grandeur from its gardens and groves, works of art, statues, the palace's courtyards and the royal apartments.  In 1837 King Louis-Philippe officially opened his Museum at the Palace, dedicated to 'all the glories of France'. 

Here is the great richness and splendours of Versailles...

 The exterior of Palace of Versailles.